Headlines: March 7th, 2002

Senior representatives of the independent residential, nursing home and home care sectors have joined Directors of Social Services of local authorities to call for national fee levels for nursing and residential homes.Both public and private sector practitioners agree that fees need to determined according to some national framework to stop home owners being forced out of business at a time of rapidly increasing demand.

The Association of Directors of Social Services (ADSS) and the independent sector have agreed to explore a new partnership to look at ‘the funding and future provision of independent health and social care so that people receive the highest quality, best value, care they deserve.’

The joining up is almost certain to end up in joint lobbying of the government for a total increase in the amount local councils as commissioners pay to largely private sector providers. Government representation will be invited at future meetings.

The group will also study a document recently published by the National Review Group in Scotland which examined the costs of maintaining an elderly person in residential or nursing care, to see the extent to which it can be applied in England.

Link: www.adss.org.uk