Headlines: March 20th, 2002

A new resource offering public policy makers access to vital information is now on-line. ‘Policy Hub’ has been developed by the Government’s Centre for Management and Policy Studies (CMPS) to support evidence-based policy making.The initiative aims to provide policy makers, experts and implementers with a shared base of evidence and analysis.

It carries examples of successful policy making and delivery, and supports the exchange of information and ideas through innovative ‘knowledge pools’ – designed to break down organisational and geographical barriers and improve collaborative working within and beyond government.

Initial knowledge pools cover ‘strategic futures’, ‘excellence in policy making’, and ‘regional initiatives’.

Policy Hub also carries an electronic version of the ‘International Comparisons Toolkit’, a new CMPS initiative designed to help officials learn valuable lessons from their counterparts in other countries. It is hoped this will foster a more outward-looking approach to policy making and includes guidance on principles and methods, case studies, a directory of information sources, and news of training events.

Policy Hub can be found at www.cmps.gov.uk/policyhub .