Headlines: April 5th, 2002

The relatively old technology of video will be introduced as a new method of cracking down on robbery.Video identification parades will be rolled out to 10 forces with robbery hotspots to help police fast-track the identifying of suspects.

Victims will be saved the anxiety of seeing their attacker face to face, and instead pick them out from among a bank of video clips. The clips can be pulled together much more quickly than a ‘live’ parade – cutting waiting time down from an average of 10 weeks since the incident in some force areas, to within a week.

The quicker process not only speeds up justice, but makes it more likely the victim can still recall the attacker’s likeness.

Seventy police stations will install the equipment in the coming year, at a cost of 7.6 million pounds.

The Home Office says the new system should free up officer time, result in more positive identifications, more cases going to court and more convictions.