Headlines: April 22nd, 2002

The ChildcareLink service is now available on digital TV, making it the first central government service to use interactive television nationwide.Use of the new technology is a key part of a drive by the Department for Education and Skills to make childcare information more accessible to parents and carers.

The new service has been welcomed by the Office of the e-Envoy as a good example of widening the reach and appeal of government services. It has been developed in partnership with UpMyStreet, a local information publisher.

The Government launched the ChildcareLink national telephone line and website in December 1999 as part of the National Childcare Strategy. Its purpose is to enable parents to locate childcare in their local area and to make information about childcare and early education more easily accessible.

The telephone line receives approximately 3500 calls per month. The website receives 4 million hits per month.

ChildcareLink is available on www.childcarelink.gov.uk

The TV version can be selected on Sky Active by selecting ‘Your Area’ then ‘Local Information’ and from the UpMyStreet menu choose ‘Childcare’