Headlines: April 30th, 2002

The Government, Police Federation, and other interested parties appear to have come to a deal on the modernisation of police pay and conditions.Under the recommended settlement police officers will be paid more in their basic salary as well as benefitting from new competency-related payments and keeping the special priority payments promised to those at the sharp end of policing.

The Police Federation will meet to ratify the deal today (Tuesday, April 30) and put it to regional officers later in the week.

The Federation is claiming that the deal is a better one for officers than the previous offer overwhelmingly rejected by police officers in a ballot in February and accompanied by a major demonstration against the proposals, held in London.

David Blunkett’s office however is stressing that he’s won the most radical ever modernisation of police pay and conditions which will enable wider police reform to go ahead.

The Home Office is also stressing that while officers are better off in their basic pay, the overtime bill nationally will have to be cut by 15 per cent. This is being presented as a way of helping officers achieve a better work life balance.

Find the detail of the package at www.policereform.gov.uk