Headlines: May 3rd, 2002

The government has unveiled how it will use the extra funding allocated in this year’s budget to boost the fight against crime. It will be targeted at dealing with persistent offenders and on counter-terrorism measures.The Home Office received 180 million pounds of new funding in the Budget along with 100 million pounds from the Criminal Justice Reserve. The Home Secretary has also reallocated over 60 million pounds from the current Home Office budget making a total spending plan of over 340million.

Of this, 87 million pounds will go on counter-terrorism: about three quarters to the Metropolitan Police in London, 14 million pounds spread across other forces, including a specific sum to help the Greater Manchester Police fund Commonwealth Games security, and a further sum not directed at specific forces.

There is also 67 million pounds spread across the ten forces taking part in the street crime reduction programme and 194 million for more prison places and measures to tackle youth crime