Headlines: May 14th, 2002

Rentokil Initial, the FTSE 100-listed company is to invest 12 million pounds in the Civil Service College residential centre in a deal with the Cabinet Office. The Public Private partnership will include development of a new training and resource center, upgrading of bedrooms and improvements to Northcote House, the stately home built in 1930, which became the College in 1969. The house stands on ground which originally formed part of the Manor of Cookham held by Edward the Confessor.Under the deal, Initial Style Conferences, a subsidiary of Rentokil Initial, will fund and oversee the development of a new training and resource centre, upgrading of bedrooms, and improvements to Northcote House. The training, conference and office facilities will be serviced by Initial Style and leased back to the College. The site will be returned to the Cabinet Office without cost when the partnership expires at the end of 30 years.

The expanded conference facilities will cater for 200 delegates and when not required by the College it will be available for hire to other organizations.

The Public Private Partnership process, which resulted in the agreement, has taken two years to complete.