Headlines: May 27th, 2002

Managers in the South of England are being invited to find out how
partnership working in the workplace can boost productivity, reduce
absenteeism and improve profits.

The TUC is behind the promotion of this kind of partnership. General
Secretary John Monks says the principles are the same as for those
partnerships being sought between public sector providers – built on
trusting relationships between organisations (here, unions and the
management of companies) where there is mutual respect and clear, shared

The TUC is offering a free conference to be held at Sandown Park
Racecourse in Surrey on Thursday this week (May 30).
Delegates will find out how partnership workplaces are a 33% more likely
to have better than average financial performance, and 25% more likely
to have above average productivity.

Speakers include the Head of Learning and Skills for SEEDA (South East
of England Development Association).

For more information contact Barry Francis, SERTUC Learning Services 020
7467 1251. For more on the principles see