Headlines: May 29th, 2002

The Department of Trade and Industry has appointed independent members to sit on the boards that provide strategic direction for the department. The
newcomers are drawn from business, union and academic backgrounds. Their job will be to offer independent expert advice on how the department can work more effectively and bring fresh thinking and an external perspective to the DTI.

The department has created a new board structure headed by a Strategy Board to provide overall leadership. At the next level there is an Executive Board to drive performance and change management. The third tier is made up of five Group Management Boards reflecting the main operating areas of the department. The newly appointed 21 independent board members will serve alongside Ministers and civil servants on boards in all three tiers.

The DTI approach to getting an outsider view differs from the general
Whitehall approach where the Treasury, DfEE, Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise and the Home Office have appointed non-executive directors. The role of the DTI advisers will be restricted to giving advice rather than participating in the discussion of issues.

The lower status of the advisers is reflected in their reward package of
4,800 pounds per annum. This compares with the 13,030 pounds received by non-executive directors.