Headlines: May 30th, 2002

Central departments, local councils, health bodies and other public sector
organizations are invited by the Treasury to get their bids in now for
funds from the Invest to Save Budget. It is expected that 50 million
pounds will be made available, but bidders will have to find 25% of costs
from their own budgets.

Bidders will have to show that their projects involve one or more of the
current priorities which are: electronic delivery of transactional
services, citizen focused services or tackling the root causes of social
problems, such as drug abuse or truancy. Bids will be particularly welcomed from imaginative, innovative and newly formed partnerships which bring together local authorities and central government bodies or involve the private sector or voluntary and community sector bodies. Bidders are warned that website projects for providing information only are extremely unlikely to receive funding.

The Invest to Save Budget was created in 1998 to fund projects that bring
together two or more public bodies to deliver services in an innovative
fashion. It provides a means of investing in partnership projects with the
potential for transforming public services. It is a form of “venture
capital” fund for the public sector supporting the Modernising Government
programme. To date, the Budget has supported 335 projects across a wide
range of partnerships.

Link: <http://www.isb.gov.uk>