Headlines: May 31st, 2002

Experiences gained from teaching, research and consultancy in the
University of the West of England and dialogue with colleagues in public
service agencies has led to a new post graduate course built around
leadership and inter-agency working. The new programme is designed to meet
the post-graduate needs of managers and leaders within public service
agencies, whether they are in the public, voluntary or private sectors. It
is the product of partnership working between educational providers and a
wide range of organisations as potential purchasers and providers of public

From these discussions it became clear that to be effective in an
increasingly complex, ambiguous and uncertain environment public service
leaders need to understand the rapidly changing policy context in which
services are delivered. They also need to “hear” the voice of service users
particularly as those users increasingly realise that they have power to
exercise influence. Because inter-agency working is becoming increasingly
important, leaders have to find ways of overcoming resistance to change and
they have to develop inter-professional collaboration and co-ordination.
This means understanding and working with different and competing
organisational practice and cultures.

The two year, part time, Masters programme, which costs 6,624 pounds, has
already attracted students from the health service, local government,
police and the voluntary sector. Further information can be obtained form: