Headlines: June 10th, 2002

An acclaimed historian and journalist takes issue with Tony Blair’s style of Government at a lecture in Bath tonight (Monday, June 10).Professor Peter Hennessy, Professor of Contemporary British History at the University of London, will review the Blair style of government in the first term and discuss further changes since last year’s election.

Hennessy was a journalist for twenty years, working for The Times, The Financial Times, The Economist and the BBC. He had spells as a Whitehall and Westminster correspondents.

Widely acclaimed as one of Britain’s most readable historians currently writing, he has recently written ‘The Secret State’.

Previous books include Cabinet (1986), Whitehall (1989), The Hidden Wiring: Unearthing the British Constitution (1995) and The Prime Minister: The Office and Its Holders since 1945 (2000).

The session, held at the University of Bath, is part of an RSA series of lectures aimed at encouraging the development of a principled, prosperous society.

Link: www.theRSA.org