Headlines: June 17th, 2002

Reform of the criminal justice system is about to move forward with the publication of the White Paper spelling out plans for fighting and reducing crime and putting the care of victims and witnesses at its heart. To allow the Home Office, police services and agencies involved in the criminal justice system to get the ‘big picture’ of crime, the Metropolitan Police Service commissioned a survey to find out what was happening on one day. The snapshot shows the volume and complexity of the issues surrounding the criminal justice system at every stage, including the involvement of victims and witnesses.The findings revealed that on one day more than 16,500 crimes are reported in England and Wales, this is the equivalent of eleven crimes a minute. Four people are arrested every minute. 560 people are received into custody. 21,788 police hours are spent processing arrests. The Probation Service has 200,000 active cases. The Crown Prosecution Service deals with 7,500 cases in court. Victim Support receives 3,000 referrals and sees or speaks to 4,000 victims and witnesses. 30,000 hours of unpaid work are carried out under Community Punishment Orders.

These findings will also be used in the debate at the international conference, ‘Modernising Criminal Justice: New World Challenges’ being held in London this week. Speakers will include the Lord Chief Justice; Director of Public Prosecutions, Director General of the Prison Service as well as the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI.

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