Headlines: June 20th, 2002

And as they prepare to vote on their new contracts, doctors are also calling for substantial money to be put into general practice if genuine reform and improvement is to be achieved.GP members of the British Medical Association have been holding their conference this week, and debating the finer points of the new contract the Government is proposing.

The BMA says that if the Government does not put substantial money into general practice it will lead to a rejection of the contract, added pressure on hospitals and a failure by patients to see any improvement in service.

Dr John Chisholm, chairman of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee, told the conference that increased resources for primary care would mean patients not having to wait, doctors no longer worn out, and sufficient GPs to meet the needs of patients.

He cited the recently announced pay deal for hospital consultants as a benchmark for the pricing of the new GP contract. He said that if salary differentials between consultants and GPs were allowed to increase even further, primary care would simply not see the recruitment needed for the NHS plan to be delivered.

Link: www.bma.org.uk