Headlines: June 21st, 2002

Nearly 50 million pounds of funding has been awarded to 64 partnership projects aimed at helping deliver better services online.The projects build on the work councils are currently undertaking to make the most of new technology in providing better quality and more accessible services to people. This is part of the Government’s target to e-enable all public services by 2005.

They include:

– providing people in London and in the North East with smartcards which can be used to access and pay for a range of council services

– setting up region-wide contact and customer relations centres in Northumberland, West Sussex and Herefordshire

– enabling several counties of England to set up a one-stop website where people who live in those areas can access information on all local council services, regardless of whether they are provided by county or district council.

A full list of partnerships can be found as an Excel document at www.odpm.gov.uk/news/0206/download/partnership1906.xls