Headlines: June 25th, 2002

The new head of the civil service has announced a restructure of the Cabinet Office in order that it is focussed on his two key priorities of civil service reform and the delivery of better public services.Sir Andrew Turnbull takes over from Sir Richard Wilson officially in September.

The shaping of the team working on reform and delivery is intended to create clarity where previously some in public service felt there was confusion and cross-over of responsibilities.

A single integrated structure is promised, pulling together units which started in the Cabinet Office and those created recently by the Prime Minister. Each area will have a ‘clear and visible purpose’, yet join up to achieve the overall strategy.

The new team will be:

– Strategy; Geoff Mulgan

– Delivery and Performance; Michael Barber

– Corporate Development and HR; Alice Perkins

– e-Transformation; Andrew Pinder

– Public Service Reform; Wendy Thomson.

Peter Gershon, Chief Executive of the Office of Government Commerce, will join the team to work on commercial reform and project management.

Sir Andrew will also create a central team reporting to him on reform and strategy to coordinate the Civil Service reform strategy and communicate it.

Sir Andrew will also oversee the Departmental Change Programme and support Permanent Secretaries in bringing about reform in their departments and improving service delivery.

A copy of a paper by Sir Andrew, delivered to the Civil Service Management Board describes changes to the Cabinet Office structure in more detail and is available on the Cabinet Office website: www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/2002/news/020613_newciv.htm