Headlines: June 28th, 2002

While Police in Greater Manchester are riding high, the poor performance of the Metropolitan Police, serving Greater London, has been highlighted in a review of its policing plan.Only a third of the targets set in last year’s policing plan have been met. The force’s Police Authority says that while there has been improvement in important areas too many targets were not achieved and overall the results represent poor performance.

The Police Authority acknowledges challenges faced by the Met this year, and also that there may have been too many targets set, but it also blames a lack of a robust performance management regime.

Among targets not achieved, was that for street crime which saw a 38 per cent rise on the previous year against a targeted two per cent reduction. The street crime judicial disposal rate for the year, where people have been arrested, charged and dealt with at court, was eight per cent against a ten per cent target.

A 34 per cent increase was recorded in gun related violent crime in 2001/2 compared with the previous year. Firearm related robberies and homicides rose by 74 per cent and 59 per cent respectively during the year.

Other areas where targets were not met included burglary, vehicle crime and emergency response.

Under new Police Authority committee structures, performance monitoring will be carried out more frequently on all Policing Plan indicators for 2002/3.

Link: www.mpa.gov.uk