Headlines: June 28th, 2002

The 2002 TNT Modernising Government Partnership Award has been won by the Trafford Division of Greater Manchester Police.The division has seen its workload increase by 250% since 1974, with the development of national and international venues such as the Old Trafford football ground, Manchester airport and the Trafford shopping centre.

In response, the division has delivered a clear service plan incorporating the requirements of best value demanded by central government. The Trafford Division is now delivering a wide range of activities in partnership with the private, public and voluntary sectors.

One example of success is the Trafford Park security initiative which concentrated on a key industrial park in Greater Manchester, so badly affected by high crime levels that several businesses were considering relocation. By working closely with the local community, the Trafford Division was able to drastically reduce the level of crime, allowing successful businesses to remain in the area.

The Trafford Division was also instrumental in launching road safety campaigns in partnership with the Department of Transport and the Health and Safety Executive. Through the use of road cameras and other spot check initiatives, the division increased road safety levels and dramatically reduced the number of road crash casualties.

The Cornwall Employment Service, Castle Vale Action Trust, Bassetlaw East Services, Suffolk Constabulary and Sport England were also given awards or commended.

The new award scheme sits alongside the Charter Mark scheme, and the public sector Benchmarking project and is part of the Cabinet Office’s broader strategy to promote quality and innovation across the public sector.

Winners needed to demonstrate that:

– they have built a range of partnerships with the private and voluntary sectors and with other parts of the public sector

– they have used these partnerships imaginatively to focus on the needs of users

– as a result the quality and responsiveness of their service has improved

– they have become real drivers for change in the community they serve.