Headlines: July 1st, 2002

The Society of IT Management (Socitm) says the Government’s draft National Strategy for local e-government doesn’t focus enough on the culture change that’s required as well as technological innovation.In its formal response to the draft National Strategy, sent to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Socitm says e-government is as much about change as technology, and is concerned that while the Strategy refers to transformational change, the details focus on technology. Socitm believes the Strategy should emphasise that technology is the merely the vehicle by which local government can develop improved, joined up government and deliver a seamless service to the citizen.

The society which represents IT managers in local government welcomes the references to the importance of local priorities in shaping the development of e-government at local level but says this isn’t trumpeted loudly enough. It says that the need to develop a local vision for e-government is essential. Without it, it warns, many local authorities will not fully engage with e-government, seeing it as just one initiative amongst many rather than the integral issue that it is.

‘E-gov@local: Towards a national strategy for local e-government’ proposes the building blocks for e-government and outlines action required at national, regional and local levels. It was published in April of this year for consultation and can be found on the web at www.local-regions.odpm.gov.uk/consult/egov/index.htm