Headlines: July 1st, 2002

A nationwide opinion poll conducted by MORI for the British Medical Association (BMA) has found mass readiness to travel outside the UK for NHS treatment and for NHS treatment to be provided by the private sector.The survey findings are timed to coincide with the BMA annual conference this week and have uncovered information which will surprise many doctors.

The BMA has reservations about what’s called ‘mixed provision’ but says it will have to take note that the changes are largely supported by the public and that ‘lateral thinking’ to improve provision is the right way ahead.

In more detail, four out of ten (42%) patients would be willing to travel outside the UK for treatment and more than half (51%) believed that involving other organisations including the private sector would improve the provision of NHS health care.

The BMA annual representative conference starts today (Monday, July 1) in Harrogate and lasts until Thursday.

Link: www.bma.org.uk