Headlines: July 8th, 2002

Both local and national government figures recognise that quality education must be at the heart of any long term community regeneration plans.With that in mind, a joint New Local Government Network (NLGN) and Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) conference aims to point to practical examples of how local schools are working with a range of partners to contribute to ‘community well-being’.

The conference will draw heavily on a new publication, ‘Governing Education for Community Regeneration’, which maps out the opportunities and dilemmas for the governance of education in the light of current policy developments within local government, raising questions about the future role of the school governing body and public accountability.

The event is today (Monday, July 8, 2002) in central London, and features a keynote address from David Bell, Chief Inspector of Schools at OfSTED.

A full agenda can be found at www.nlgn.org.uk

‘Governing Education for Community Regeneration’ is available from York Publishing Services priceed 20 pounds plus postage. E-mail: orders@yps-publishing.co.uk