Headlines: July 11th, 2002

It’s been confirmed that the 2002 Spending Review will be on Monday 15 July.Spending Reviews set out the key improvements in public services that the public can expect over a three year period – and where money is likely to be targeted. The current Chancellor introduced them and this will be his third.

Their aim is to assist planning beyond annual funding rounds, and to keep a tight reign on spending.

2002 Spending Review (SR2002) will look closely at the effectiveness of existing programmes and how departments are delivering their current Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets as well as future strategic priorities. As in previous Spending Reviews, the government will be seeking to release funds to spend on priority services.

It’s this release of funds that has been the subject of intensive lobbying by all those interested in the public sector over the last few months.

The main developments in this Spending Review compared to the two previous exercises will be:

– a greater emphasis on the evidence base for policy-making

– the first Spending Review to be conducted and published on a full resource budgeting basis

– consideration given to the need to plan beyond the three year horizons.

The emphasis of this review will be on ensuring that departments have the resources and plans to deliver the priorities that the government has already set itself.

The review includes seven new cross-cutting reviews, and will also update PSAs, Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) and Departmental Investment Strategies (DISs).

These include a thorough review of departmental aims and objectives to find the best way of delivering the Government’s objectives. Link: www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/Spending_Review/spend_index.cfm