Headlines: July 23rd, 2002

Stakeholders now have the opportunity to bring pressure on their local councils to narrow the gap between the best and the worst performers. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has launched a website that allows users to check the performance of their council on 97 aspects of services delivered locally. The data is divided into 10 headings including corporate health, education, social services and community safety. The data for each councils is compared to the average Best Value Performance Indicator or Audit Commission data.Stakeholders, whether they are interests groups or individuals, or the media, will be able to compile tables and graphics of how a council is performing. In addition to making a comparison with the average they will also be able to compile a statistical picture of how a councils is performing in relation to its neighbours or in relation to similar councils in similar settings in different parts of the country.

Development plans for the website include adding data annually so that performance progress can be monitored.

Link: http://www.bvpi.gov.uk