Headlines: July 29th, 2002

This is the 1000th edition of Pubicnet Briefing. Since the first edition went out over the Internet on Monday 8th June 1998 subscribers in the UK and 47 other countries have been kept in touch with the changing scene of public services in the UK. The daily e-mail has reflected the most radical that public services have ever experienced. It has reported a continuing stream of initiatives and the high expectations of the initiators. In some cases it has charted declining enthusiasm as unforeseen problems started to emerge. Perhaps ‘action zones’ are the best example.In 1999 the Office for Government Commerce selected Publicnet Briefing as a leading provider of public sector news and information and awarded a five year framework agreement to supply public bodies.

There is a constant striving for quality content and accuracy is a prime concern. Because Publicnet Briefing goes to the people dealing with the issues or developments, the facts have to be correct. Readers are critical and quick to e-mail corrections when there are errors or misinterpretations. We use this feedback to measure quality.

Another measure of success is the level of subscription renewal, which is extremely high. At a more personal level we are encouraged when recipients want to continue the service when they move to another council, department or agency, or in the case of councilors, loose their seat.

We look forward to your continued support and the next 1000 editions.