Headlines: July 31st, 2002

There’s been a widespread welcome for a taskforce report on modernising the legal process for unhappy employees.The Employment Tribunal System Taskforce recommends

– greater co-ordination and consistency of practice

– a shift in processes to encourage early disclosure of information with a view to identifying the issues in disputes and efficient resolution

– an emphasis on preventative work and learning from best practice

– the use of tribunal hearings as a last resort.

The taskforce says such improvements would be better for business and better for individuals using the process. The report was commissioned to look at making the system more efficient and cost effective for users.

The Employment Tribunal System Taskforce Report is available at: www.employmenttribunalsystemtaskforce.gov.uk

ACAS, the conciliation body, has welcomed a call in the report for greater emphasis to be placed on its preventative and best practice work.

ACAS has increased this activity by more than 50 per cent in the last year and is moving next year into encouraging greater use of e-delivered conciliation services.

See also: www.acas.org.uk