Headlines: July 31st, 2002

The Government and Local Government Association have fleshed out how they will work together to improve the delivery of public services and quality of life for local communities.It follows a first ever publication of shared priorities earlier this month (see PublicNet Briefing, July 11, 2002).

The new joint statement explains how these shared priorities will be taken forward in a Public Service Agreement for Local Government. This seeks to ensure that central government, local councils and other organisations work together as effectively as possible to secure tangible improvements in the services that matter most to local communities.

The PSA draws together targets from the PSAs of government departments where councils and their partners have a contribution to make in delivering the outcomes.

The targets for education, for instance, mirror some of the targets set for the DfES, such as raising standards in English and maths in primary schools, and of English, maths, ICT and science in secondary education.

The local government PSA has fewer targets and is more focused than previously, reflecting input from the LGA about the things that matter most to local communities.

Link: www.odpm.gov.uk/news/0207/0049.htm