Headlines: August 5th, 2002

A new report has identified the key ingredients for public sector organisations embarking on a process of change.The New Local Government Network (NLGN) and Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) have produced ‘E-government and organisational transformation – lessons from Liverpool and Hertfordshire’, which identifies the necessary components to any ‘change strategy’ as:

. leadership at all levels

. a clear vision & strategy

. a new culture of organisation

. understanding customers and their communities

. partnership working

. new approaches to funding

. joined-up services

. keeping and maintaining momentum.

On the importance of leadership at all levels, the report quotes the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council, David Henshaw: “Leadership is not just about sole individuals. It is about teams, leading teams, creating teams and building teams of leaders”.

The report also quotes Bill Ogley, Chief Executive of Hertfordshire County Council on the need for a new cultural of organisation: “Cultural change is vital because it’s the people who deliver services, not structures”.

The report brings together the findings of the first two visits of a ‘knowledge exchange programme’ – intensive 24 hour sessions involving a small group of peers exploring a particular area of innovation through meeting with local staff, managers, politicians and customers. The findings illustrate how, from very different starting points, Liverpool and Hertfordshire have used e-government as a vehicle for driving ambitious organisational change programmes to deliver more customer-focused services.

Copies of the report are available from York Publishing Services Ltd.

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