Headlines: August 7th, 2002

Art and culture will be brought into classrooms and homes through ‘Culture Online’. The new service, using the latest digital technology will be launched by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Culture Online will link into Curriculum Online and the National Grid for Learning, both run by the Department for Education and Skills. The aim is to increase and deepen access to and participation in the arts and culture.With a budget of 13 million pounds the Department is ready to fund 20 to 30 projects over the next two years targeted at children and adults. It is looking for partners to help to deliver the vision and has invited expressions of interest from organizations, companies and consortia that can put projects together. The range of projects may include the resources of museums, galleries and heritage sites, archives of written, broadcast and film materials, the performing arts, oral history and community projects. Projects should be innovative and demonstrate the creative use of new technologies. Most importantly, they should enable users to participate in new and exciting ways, perhaps by creating their own content or getting involved in real as well as virtual activities.

Responses to the invitation must be made by 31 August and the Department has made it clear that projects which span across organizations and sectors will be considered more favourable.