Headlines: August 9th, 2002

With multi-million pound budgets and a responsibility to deliver often complex services, councils facing a crisis not only risk damaging their reputation, but the delivery of key services for local communities. It is likely that the Council in crisis has never had to confront the issue previously and it is unlikely that senior managers will have any experience of dealing with similar situations. Help in handling both external and internal communications in a crisis is now at hand from the Crisis Communications Network. The service is provided by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Institute of Public Relations.The Network is made up of a register of people who have wide experience in the management of communications in a crisis situation. They have been involved in many different crises and know what they are doing. These professionals will offer free advice and support to any Council that believes they could benefit from expert and experienced assistance and will work in partnership with colleagues in the affected Council to help them successfully manage the crisis they are facing.

The self help Network is not a training scheme because a real live situation isn’t the time to experiment with communications.