Headlines: August 12th, 2002

Finding out about levels of customer satisfaction is high on the agenda of organizations in the public service. Significant sums are spent on surveys and other research to identify not only levels of satisfaction, but also causes of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied customers hold vital information that can lead to service improvements. This focus on customer satisfaction is changing the way complaints are viewed. The complaint process is no longer seen as something that must be provided to meet the rights of customers. It is increasingly recognized that complaints are something to be encouraged and not feared.This changing attitude to complaints can be seen in the appointment of complaints managers. Their role is to oversee the complaints process which includes ensuring that complaining customers feel that their grievance has been properly considered. They are also responsible for training staff to be positive about complaint handling and analyzing complaint data to make positive changes to improve service and customer and employee satisfaction.

Sunrise, a leading solution provider of customer service solutions, has worked with its clients in the public sector to put together guidelines on ‘making the most of complaints.’ These include: make complaining easy – customers will become even more disgruntled if they cannot express their grievance and ensuring customers know the organisation’s process for dealing with complaints.

Link: http://www.sunrisesw.com