Headlines: August 15th, 2002

New research backs up the theory being implemented by the Government – that crime prevention works best when a range of different measures are used in a complementary package.The research comes in two separate reviews of existing studies, into the use of street lighting and CCTV as crime reduction tools.

Results from the best available USA and UK studies of the last 25 years show that both CCTV and street lighting can reduce crime when selected as the correct tool for a specific problem and locality, but even further reductions are made when used with a variety of other targeted crime reduction methods.

The major findings from the reviews are:

– Street lighting and CCTV work in cutting crime particularly when used within a package of other crime reduction measures

– Improved street lighting reduced crime by 20%

– CCTV was especially effective in reducing vehicle crime in car parks

– Street lighting works well if targeted to a specific crime hotspot

– street lighting also benefits the community by providing a better looking public space.

The Effects of Improved Street Lighting on Crime: A Systematic Review’ and ‘Crime Prevention Effects of Closed Circuit Television: A Systematic Review’ are available on the Home Office website at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/whatsnew1.html