Headlines: August 19th, 2002

Six hundred million pounds will be invested over the next three years in projects which offer joined up services to children at risk.The funding, from April 2003, will be sourced from the Children and Young People’s Unit and Children’s Fund. It will be used to provide small grants through the Local Network Fund for projects helping 0-19 year olds at risk of social exclusion.

In its first 17 months of existence the Children’s Fund has encouraged joined up working with children in deprived areas, through partnerships between statutory, voluntary and community sectors.

The idea is to bring together people on the ground who are most aware of the challenges faced by their communities, and those in the statutory bodies who can ensure that local services provide what’s needed.

Six areas will work closely with government to disseminate lessons learnt on the ground. They are: Bolton, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Knowsley, Lewisham, and Sheffield.

Knowsley will be the lead authority as a result of its proven success in joining up government initiatives with local vision, resources and a commitment to community responsibility.

Link: www.cypu.gov.uk/corporate/index.cfm