Headlines: August 20th, 2002

The National College for School Leadership launched in November 2000 by the Prime Minister is moving out of temporary accommodation into a permanent site. From September headteachers and aspiring heads will be welcomed to the new Learning and Conference Centre in Nottingham. The centre will offer a wide range of programmes, seminars and other professional development opportunities designed to promote and develop leadership skills in schools. These will be available not just to heads but also to deputy heads, department heads, year heads and others with leadership responsibilities in schools. It’s anticipated more than 20,000 delegates will come to the purpose- built residential centre in its first year.A four month programme of events beginning in September has been organised to celebrate the launch of the College. The programme will include E-learning: Transforming tomorrow’s education today -chaired by David Puttnam and An International Future: Learning from best practice worldwide – bringing together school leaders and policymakers from this country and abroad.

All school leaders will be expected to visit centre at least once in their career. However to ensure that school leaders across the country can be involved with and benefit from the College, many of the programmes and activities will still be made available regionally and online.

Link: <http://www.ncsl.org.uk>.