Headlines: August 23rd, 2002

Confidence in the ability of the UK Government to implement radical business changes through e-Government by 2005 has halved in the last three years. In the annual survey of Government IT professionals by CMG, the global ICT services provider, 39% agreed that electronic Government would radically re-shape Government by 2005. This figure compares to 80% in 2001, 85% in 2000 and 90% in 1999. The results show that, as 2005 gets closer, Government Departments are seeing the huge scale of the challenge and that it will take more than technology to meet the electronic delivery programme.The survey showed that 88% thought that electronic services had the potential to improve the delivery of Government services and make Government more effective. The greatest barrier to joining-up Government departments was seen as the cultural changes needed to take advantage of the technological advances. The second biggest barrier was seen to be lack of funding.