Headlines: August 29th, 2002

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recommends employers to give clear advice to their employees on the use of mobile phones while behind the wheel. This follows the government’s proposal to allow the police to prosecute an employer who “causes or permits” a worker to use a mobile phone while driving. It also advises organisations about the need to prepare for the possibility of new legislation.The Institute has warned that employers need to make it clear to employees, particularly those who do a lot of driving as part of their work, that they should not make or receive calls, using a hand held phone, while driving. This will ensure that they protect employees, other road users and themselves. The basic advice is that employees need to pull over and switch off the engine if they want to use a mobile phone.

The need for employers to provide additional training for those employees who undertake high mileage as part of their job, including a competency and risk assessment, has long been advocated by the Institute. It points out that employers have a duty under the Health and Safety legislation to ensure that employees face as little risk as possible in their everyday work. Road safety continues to be a concern, and the government’s stance on mobile phones is part of its overall drive to reduce deaths on the road

Link: <http://www.cipd.co.uk>