Headlines: September 24th, 2002

Despite strong government endorsement ‘flexible working’ has not yet permeated the public sector in any significant way. It offers the ability to shape work around the way people live their lives and brings considerable benefits in terms of staff morale and productivity.An online debate ‘Fit for Work’ sponsored by the Public Policy Forum will seek to find out why this is so. It aims to identify the key issues in adopting flexible working practices to help ensure the public sector can realise the benefits and thereby improve staff morale and retention.

The debate will run from 30 September to 4 October and will deliver a ‘top ten’ list of tips for public sector flexible working as well as identifying the key policy recommendations. A cross section of public sector managers, academics and thought leaders have been invited to contribute their experience and ideas.

To participate in the debate send your name, job title and email address to telework@headstar.com.

The Public Policy Forum is an independent group of senior policy and decision makers in and around the public sector which exists to help identify and overcome the barriers to modernised, joined-up government and dramatically improved public services.

Link http://www.egovernment.bt.com/ppf_open/index.html