Headlines: November 8th, 2002

In a move to engage young people in the democratic process and at the same time, give them access to useful information, the Cabinet Office has launched youngGov in the UK online portal. It was developed in consultation with 700 young people and is aimed at 11-18 year olds.youngGov, introduces young people to the way government works while at the same time providing helpful information designed around the way they live now. There is practical advice on subjects like planning a gap year, healthy eating and keeping safe on the web. Other topics include bullying, the environment, volunteering and the dangers of under-age drinking. It also has signposts to useful sources of information such as charities, youth groups and other government websites.

The new service is another example of reshaping government to achieve a citizen focus, in this case a focus on young people. As another cross-cutting initiative it was necessary to get a number of central departments on board and encourage them to engage in cross boundary thinking.

Link: http://younggov.ukonline.gov.uk