Headlines: November 19th, 2002

The latest National Computing Centre Survey of IT Staffing shows a growing demand for IT staff in public services and predicts recruitment and retention problems . Almost 30% of public organizations surveyed reported increased demand for IT staff over the next two years. The highest level of growth, at 18 %, was in health and education, while for local and central government the figure was just under 7%. The view from the Centre is that to fulfil this high growth these services will probably have to be more competitive with other industry sectors, including increasing the salaries offered to staff in-post and new staff.The increasing demand for IT staff for public services contrasts with a marked slowdown in the IT labour market. Salary increases, staff turnover and demand for contractors are all similar to those reported during the recession of the early 1990s. With fewer organisations predicting shortages in the next two years it is unlikely that there will be a return to the rapid increases in salary levels or the late 1990’s

The demand for Internet and intranet skills continues to dominate the new skills requirements, as it has for the past three years. This year just under half of the respondents indicated that they would be seeking these skills.