Headlines: November 26th, 2002

Leading information technology and computing practitioners from central and local government will be brought together today to look at the best ways of delivering effective e-Government.They will join representatives from various agencies and NGOs as well as experts from the private sector at a two-day conference which will look at a range of subjects including streamlining the flow of information.

Ninety-three billion pounds of taxpayers’ money has been allocated to the successful adoption of IT and e-commerce across central and local government but, say the conference organizers, “All concerned are deeply aware that money alone will not solve the problem. The massive changes required involve not only the technology but the systems, methodologies and, especially, the know-how to produce this.”

Speakers will include Chris Hancock, Director of the Knowledge Network at the Cabinet Office, Liz Thompson and Barney Smith from the Countryside Agency, Karen Perkinton, from the Scottish Enterprise Network and Corinne Sellens and Geoff Carss, of IBM. Topics will range from establishing the requirements for interaction and setting up partnerships with the private sector to producing “citizen-centric” electronic services.

The organisers say identifying the best systems and methodologies from both the private and public sectors and selecting “best fit solutions” is a major challenge and that integrating new systems with existing applications adds to the complexity. They hope the event will provide pragmatic guidance and practical solutions for those who have to deliver effective e-government.