Headlines: December 6th, 2002

In a move to ensure that priorities and the use of resources are driven by what the customer wants, the Metropolitan Police Authority have set up a new ‘listen to the people’ structure. The new arrangements will bring together existing consultation mechanisms, put consulting higher up the management agenda and raise the profile of the Met as a listening organization.Consultation will be based on the boroughs, but feedback will be brought together to form a comprehensive picture of the public’s views. Steering groups of local stakeholders, including police, local authority and police community consultative group representatives have so far been set up in two boroughs. The steering groups will be supported by newly appointed full time Community Consultation Officers. The first task is to map out borough wide consultation arrangements.

Cindy Butts, Chair of the MPA’s Consultation Committee said: “The Authority is committed to ensuring that the real concerns of Londoners are reflected in our planning and policy directives. We see developing new ways of engaging local communities in policing issues as a two-way street. Not only will the programme help the Authority to identify Londoners’ anxieties, but in tandem the public will gain a greater understanding of the development and implementation of policing activities and priorities.

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