Headlines: December 10th, 2002

More people than ever used the national e-health library during November. More than 50,000 visits were recorded for the month, which saw the National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) celebrating its second birthday. The final number was boosted by an awareness week, at the end of November, which encouraged existing users to tell friends and colleagues about the information available from the e-library. The exercise will be repeated next year and will focus on the role of digital libraries in modernising the NHS.During the awareness week over 12,000 visits were recorded, four times the number in the same week the previous year. Muir Gray, director of the e-library said, “We know from our market research that peer to peer recommendation is a powerful way to introduce the library to colleagues. We also know that our users like what they see, so we simply asked them to share the information with others and they did.” Alison Turner, NeLH Library Partnership Coordinator said a number of libraries also took the opportunity to stage events promoting NeLH and their own services. They ran demonstrations, displays and training throughout the week.

The library has over seventy resources including the Cochrane Library, BMJ,s Clinical Evidence and the award winning Anatomy.tv. A new Care Pathways and Protocols library has been launched to include information about creating integrated care pathways. Other features include the emergency care e-learning module and a new resource for webmasters to help them integrate NeLH with local NHS resources.