Headlines: January 30th, 2003

Town hall managers are set to benefit from an on-line strategic leadership programme launched today. The programme is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and the Improvement and Development Agency. It also involves a public-private partnership with Epic Group plc and iMPOWER plc.An online leadership programme for central government, known as PRIME: Leadership, was launched in March 2002 and has proved very successful. The new programme PRIME: Local Government, has been created to drive through a transformation in leadership skills across the public sector. It offers individuals an intensive learning programme based on a range of learning methods including tutorials, case studies, scenario-based simulations, off-line exercises and links to qualified sources of information. The programme encourages managers delivering front-line public services to develop practical leadership skills. It uses a wide range of examples of successful delivery of services.

The on-line programme overcomes the difficulty of planning absences from the office to attend learning sessions. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can use the programme at any time on any day of the week. The programme offers a selection of real-life challenges for participants to work through.

Epic Group plc is the leading e-learning company in the UK. It has been a consistent leader and innovator, producing groundbreaking and award- winning work in e-learning. iMPOWER was established in 2000, and is dedicated to providing services to government organisations to enable them to deliver electronic services successfully.

Link: http://www.idea.gov.uk/prime