Headlines: February 28th, 2003

The UK Civil Service continues to expand despite large-scale investment in technology. There are now 499,630 civil servants and this is an increase of 9,390 compared to six months earlier. The numbers have grown from 460,00 in 1999 a rise of 8.6%. Growth over the last year was 3.6%.Although some departments and agencies were given additional work in the last three years, there have been no areas of significant staff savings elsewhere. During this period there was burgeoning investment in technology, including call centers, back office systems and online processing, but it has made little impact on staff numbers.

Recent staff increases were at the Department of Work and Pensions where numbers increased by 3,340 as a result of setting up Pension Centres and the introduction of Pension Credit. The Child Support Agency staffing levels have continued to increase because of the major programme work required by the introduction of the Child Support reforms. The Inland Revenue has increased staff by 2,040 to prepare for the New Tax Credits.

The Civil Service as well as growing is becoming more diverse. 52.0% of staff are women compared with 51.8 per cent in April 2002. 25.8% of the Senior Civil Service are women and 23.1% of those in the very top management posts are also women. This includes 4 women at Permanent Secretary level.

The Inland Revenue’s Diversity Awareness Training pack for managers won a Gold Standard at the 2001 British Diversity awards and their Culture 2000 development programme won two Silver Standard awards for Best Diversity Manager and Innovation in Diversity.