Headlines: February 28th, 2003

The cost of recruiting staff is likely to fall as innovation comes to the online job market. New approaches to recruiting will impact on traditional recruitment agencies who, together with newspaper and magazine advertisers are likely to respond with price cuts.NewJobDirect has launched a service which allows job seekers to scan vacancies on corporate websites. The recruiting organization pays an annual fee of 500 pounds and there are no placement charges. The job seeker is able to carry out a targeted search and the service is free. A high proportion of corporate websites in the public and private sectors carry job vacancies, but it is estimated that about one third receive few or no responses. Link: http://www.newjobdirect.co.uk

Two other newcomers to the online jobs market have also launched services. Activepoint offers Jobannounce, a service which displays vacancies on the major UK job boards, search engines, the Employment Service, digital TV and public internet kiosks. The cost is 495 pounds per vacancy. It also offers a supplementary service, Jobscreening, a criteria-based applicant screening process which is designed to ensure that clients receive the best candidates for interview selection. There is a combined charge of 695 pounds for Jobannounce and Jobscreening. Link: http://www.activepoint.co.uk

Web-Recruit offers a variant by advertising vacancies on 50 of the country’s leading internet job boards for a four week period. The charge for each advert is 500 pounds and this includes filtering responses to criteria set by the client. Link: http://web-recruit.net