Headlines: March 11th, 2003

Payouts for discrimination are likely to increase as new legislation adds age, sexual orientation and religion or belief to the existing grounds of sex, disability and race. A survey by the Work Foundation found that one third of responding organisations were failing to monitor the diversity of external job applicants and losing an opportuntity to spot discrimination.The report Recruitment and Retention also highlights the tendency amongst many organisations to encourage word of mouth job applicants. Just over a quarter of respondents say they have a policy of actively encouraging employees to recommend friends, while just under a quarter do the same with family members. The Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission both warn against word of mouth recruitment where the workforce is predominantly one sex or racial group.

Other findings from the survey reveal the continued popularity of press advertising with 85% using the local press and 68% the national press. 75% use recruitment agencies. Interviewers in 40% of organizations are asked to assess appearance and 32% to assess nerves.

Link: http://www.theworkfoundation.com