Headlines: April 9th, 2003

Developing strategies for managing anger are seen as one of the most effective responses to the increasing violence against public sector staff. The National Audit Office reported recently that violence against doctors, nurses, ambulance crews and other health staff has risen 13% in the last two years. But more worryingly, it estimated that the recorded figures under estimate the reality and that two in five incidents go un-reported.Anger is potentially the most poorly understood emotion in the world and this is clearly reflected in contemporary culture. The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) from its work with thousands of people has developed techniques to control this potentially destructive force and help people channel their anger to achieve constructive outcomes. The Association will next month launch a series of nine conferences in different parts of the UK aimed at public sector professionals.

These two-day conferences will focus on identifying how anger can be addressed in a holistic and positive way by giving professionals a greater understanding of anger and how to manage it in day to day situations. Mike Fisher, Founder of BAAM, said: ” We hope that through this new anger management approach, people that are working with anger on a regular basis in their jobs and their daily lives will learn how to manage anger appropriately to resolve conflict and to create greater intimacy, relationships and communities.”

Attendees at the conferences are expected to include, health workers, social workers, community workers, youth workers, mentors, personal and professional development trainers, people working in the criminal justice system, the military and local, health and educational authorities.

Link: http://www.baam.co.uk