Headlines: May 2nd, 2003

A Yorkshire training company has been awarded a prestigious grade 1 “outstanding” for its delivery of work based training to young people by the government’s Adult Learning Inspectorate . CareSkills, based in Harrogate, has also achieved a grade 2 “good” for the leadership and management of the company.CareSkills provides government-funded training for young people working towards modern apprenticeships and NVQs in health and social care. The trainees work in care homes where they are involved with the elderly, young adults with learning disabilities and other people who need a caring environment. Many of the learners go on to nursing training for the NHS or the private sector.

Anthea Shenton, training director at CareSkills said the inspectorate had looked into the company’s work very carefully and much of the credit for the success in the inspection should go to the care homes which employed the young trainees.

All government-funded training providers have to go through an ALI inspection process every four years as part of the inspectorate’s brief to raise standards of education and training for young people and adults. David Sherlock, Chief Inspector of the ALI said the aim was to ensure that learners got the best possible training. CareSkills, he said, offered particularly good work placements and good support from staff , putting their learners at the heart of the service they offered.