Headlines: May 9th, 2003

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has told local councils what information they must give about their progress towards implementing E-government and given them a deadline of October 2003 to reply. Consultation on the format of the responses from councils will continue until 9 June 2003.The ODPM wants to know what progress has been made in implementing E-government since the 2002 report was made and how the 200,000 pounds funding provided to the council has been used. A further grant of 200,000 for the current year will depend on how well the money was spent. In fulfillment of a pledge to simplify information required from councils, this year’s report will include an element of self assessment.

Councils will have to describe how the E-government strategy is aligned to their Community Strategy and how its fits with local Strategic Partnership working and the Comprehensive Performance Assessment and Best Value processes. They will also have to answer questions about how E-government projects are managed and whether there are joint developments with other councils.

Unless councils wish for some elements of their reports to remain confidential, the information will be used in a national database so that other councils can use the data for benchmarking. Reports may also be deposited in the libraries of the House of Commons and the ODPM.