Headlines: May 9th, 2003

Caretakers, catering staff, administrative support staff, supply teachers as well as teachers and heads at high performing schools will share in bonus payouts. A typical primary school will receive 5,700 pounds and a typical secondary school 27,700 pounds. The aim of the payments is to improve the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school system. School governors will decide how the bonus payments should be shared out among the team.School Standards Minister David Miliband in congratulating the winners said: “There is much to celebrate about our schools – improving results, good teaching and committed staff. Success in schools depends on each and every member of staff working together to raise standards. It is right to reward the staff whose work helps pupils to learn and today’s awards celebrate the achievements of the entire school community in helping pupils to achieve high or improved test results, and rewards them for their efforts with a cash boost to their pay packets.”

About three quarters of the awards are based on rapid improvement in Key Stage test and GCSE results, comparing 2002 with 1999. Awards are also given to schools leaving special measures. The remaining rewards are based on high performance measured by test results. About 7000 schools will receive awards and this represents about 30% of schools.