Headlines: June 6th, 2003

Denise Platt has been appointed as Shadow Chair of the new Commission for Social Care Inspection. Health Secretary Alan Milburn said: “She will have a key role in establishing the new commission as a force for improvement in social services. This is a landmark for the users of those services.”The Inspectorate will be independent and report annually to Parliament and Ministers on the state of social services, their performance and the use to which social services resources have been put. It will be staffed mainly by people currently employed by the National Care Standards Commission, the Social Services Inspectorate and the Audit Commission. They will continue their existing work until the new body goes live in April 2004.

The role of the Inspectorate will be to carry out local inspections of all social care organisations in the public, private, and voluntary sectors and to inspect local social service authorities. It will also publish the star ratings for social services authorities.

Denise Platt has worked in Social Services primarily in local government and the health service for 28 years. In recent years she has been Chief Inspector of Social Services, Director for Children, Older People and Social Care Services at the Department of Health and Head of Social Services at the Local Government Association.